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At  School, we believe the best way to learn English is to immerse yourself in it from all areas of life, both socially, & academically. We encourage extra-curricular activities, and are keen to show you ways that you can extend your learning away from the classroom. Two weeks ago, I attended a 2 day Teaching Conference in Brisbane with the aim of learning new ways in which English students can engage out of class and I have put a few of the best tips together, that we hope, you will get a lot out of:

1) Connect with your classmates!

Meeting with other students is a great way to continue your conversation skills, especially with those from a different country. There are a lot of things to do & see in South-East Queensland, and it’s great to be able to share this time with your classmates. It doesn’t end there – have you thought about writing a journal about your time here, and sharing it in class?

2) English Speaking Meetups

Social Media has helped people with similar interests get-together to have fun, network, and even learn. Look up groups & events on Facebook in your area, and get together with like-minded people. There are even events that focus just on developing your English speaking ability. These are some of the best Facebook / Meetup pages to communicate with others and attend special interest groups on the Gold coast.

3) Follow your interests, or expand on the in-class topics with extra resources.

Everyone has their own interests so a great motivation can be to explore websites, newspapers, and books to learn more, and improve your English Vocabulary. Use a variety of materials, eg. Watch documentaries, Read Blogs, Listen to Podcasts.
You can even expand on your in-class topics, to explore these areas more, and reflect on what you learnt with your classmates! Aside from podcasts, look at these sites to build your listening skills:

4) Review your in class work

It is very important to follow-up your in-class learning with some review time and self-reflection. Go over what you learnt, and share your ideas with your friends. Comparing your work with other students can develop a deeper understanding of the topic, and language in general. Make a vocabulary journal with a mindmap of new vocabulary – add phonemes, synonyms, antonyms, collocations, word forms, sample sentences, etc. Here is an example:

We hope this will encourage you to take the extra step outside of the classroom, and give you a more rewarding experience here.

If you have any questions, or would like more direction with out-of-class activities, please see your Core class Teacher for ideas on what you could do. We are always happy to help.

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