There are so many words in the English language that sometimes you may ask yourself – how can I possibly remember them? Here are a few tips to help you and make remembering vocabulary fun and easy. By learning these ‘chunks’ not only will you remember vocabulary better but it will also help you to sound more like a natural English speaker. You can also use a collocations dictionary to extend your vocabulary. A useful one is the Oxford Collocations Dictionary, which you can find online.

Write down collocations

Our brain works in marvellous ways and tends to remember chunks of words better than individual words on their own. Some words in English naturally go together such as heavy rain. It would be incorrect to saybig rain or large rain. What other words naturally match with heavy? There’s heavy trafficheavy smoker, heavy sleeper and the list goes on.

Mind map your words

To help your brain remember connections between words, why not make your notebook more visual? Every time you write a new word, extend it as if it were a web of words.

For example, if we use the word make:


-> A mistake

-> Progress

-> An effort

 Make it fun!
  • Draw pictures next to the word. Play a game with your friend where one of you draws a picture and the other guesses what it is.
  • Take turns to say the definition of a word to your friend and they guess the word. Make word cards and carry them with you so you can practise wherever you are. Do crosswords, puzzles, and vocabulary games online.
Read, read, and read some more
  • The more you see a word the easier it will be to remember it and use it naturally. Read novels, newspapers, magazines – anything you can get your hands on!
  • By reading a wide variety of texts your vocabulary will be much more extensive and colourful. Most of all have fun!