Kate And Her Experience Studying English In London


I studied at Academy for 6 months and had a great opportunity to gain different learning experience with several teachers. All of them were highly professional, knowledgeable and supportive. I`m thrilled with my results as I filled in a plenty of grammar and vocabulary gaps and got closer to fluency. Don`t miss Speaking classes! They are such a pleasant bonus and could help you to make even more friends from all over the world and know more interesting facts about different cultures.

Tell us a little bit about yourself 

I am keen on meeting new people, new places, and new cultures, interested self-education. My favourite things to do are walking, sightseeing and interesting dialogues.
It`s the 3d year of my husband and my travels. We have visited some European countries and spent one year in Latin America.

• Why did you decide to study English? And why at Academy?

I`m an online teacher and I teach Russian language to foreigners. Since most of my students are Americans I really need to speak English well to be able to communicate with them, especially with beginners, and teach Russian vocabulary, and grammar and pronunciation rules.

When I was looking for a language school I read lots of reviews and Academy immediately became a leader among a bunch of others as it has excellent reviews, great customer support and competitive prices. The staff is extremely supportive, sympathetic, flexible and responsive and all of them are amazing people. It`s easy to agree about everything, they are ready to help at any time and make you feel comfortable which is quite important when you`re abroad. It was a big pleasure to be a student in Academy!

• Tell us about some special memory you will never forget?

The most memorable and stunning thing I`ll never forget was spending time in bars and pubs not only with school mates but with teachers too! It was a real immersion!

We were really surprised and flattered seeing all our teachers in a pub for our last day of school.
Love you, guys!

London is an amazing place to stay: fabulous museums, magnificent recognisable landmarks, incredible castles, various concerts, fairs, workshops are just small part of possible activities; there is a huge amount of things to do.

Studying English at Academy and exploring London is an incredible and unforgettable experience!

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